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Articular ultrasound test

Complete imaging diagnostics of the painful, swollen, damaged joints; It contains the ultrasound examination of the soft parts around the joints (tendons, ribbons, synoviums, articular cartilage), and X-ray examination of the bone components.

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A realistic picture of the complainant, painful or possibly injured joint can only be obtained after the X-ray and ultrasound examinations, thus helping to establish a sound diagnosis and the design of appropriate further therapeutic steps.


The release of high resolution ultrasound devices and high frequency test heads opens up a new dimension in soft tissue diagnostics. With the help of modern technology, high-resolution imaging can be used to evaluate smaller anatomical formulas as well. Trauma surgeons, sports surgeons, orthopedic and rheumatologist physicians are expecting, in a wider area, a quick and reliable diagnose from the soft tissue ultrasound examination in everyday practice, opposite to the hard-to-reach expensive imaging methods.

Ultrasonic testing offers new opportunities in the diagnosis of sports injuries, degenerative and inflammatory joint diseases and it has great importance in following the post-surgical status after implantation of metal materials. Applying dynamic ultrasound examination, in addition to the active and passive movement of the joints and muscles, we can obtain very valuable information. Ultrasound testing is a painless, repeatable, cost-effective imaging process that does not involve ionizing radiation. With color Doppler technique, it is possible to judge the vascularity of the soft tissues and inflammatory lesions and to investigate the permeability and potential injuries of the vascular structures. The high-resolution test heads are perfect for imaging the peripheral nerves, tunnel syndromes and nerve injuries. By using ultrasound control joint fluid and hematoma draining and also sampling or therapeutic interventions can be performed.

The indication area of the musculoskeletal ultrasound test is now very wide.


The examination of the joint of the shoulder with Ultrasound Diagnostics gives us information inter alia about the ligament system, potential damage to the tendon substance, the condition of the mucous membranes, the movement of the joint, the position, inflammation and injuries of the biceps.

When examining the elbow joint the amount of the articular abnormal fluid, the thickness of the synovium in the joint, the articular capsule, the ligament system, the tendons around the joint, the mucusous gland located next to the elbow tip, the discrete bone injuries of the bones forming the elbows’ joint which escaped unseen from the X-rays, can all be judged.


The wrist joint and the tendonsheet inflammations, the tendon injuries, the inflammation of the small joints of the hand, tendon traumas, discrete traumatic bone injuries, tunnel syndromes, the condition of small joints in inflammatory joint diseases and the inflammation of the synovium can be well differentiated.


By examining the hip joint with ultrasound the thickness of the synovium in the joint, the amount of the articular abnormal fluid and various lesions after surgery of prosthetics can be determined.


By examining the knee joint we can obtain information about the articular abnormal fluid, any possible hematoma in the joint, about the cartilage of the femur, the C-shaped fibrous cartilage lesions, the side- and back ligaments of the cross band, discrete bone trauma as well as the knee swelling causing Baker cyst or venous blockage.


The ankle joint inflammation, the ankle ligament injuries, the discrete bone injuries, the injuries or inflammations of the tendons around the ankle, any abnormal lesions and injuries of the Achilles tendon, the abnormal lesions of the strong connective tissue plate of the sole, the inflammation, traumatic injury of the small joints of the foot, the injuries and inflammations of the tendons, the painful lesions of the heel can be well differentiated by ultrasound examination.

Human arm musculature. Anatomy of human arm.

In everyday ultrasonic practice, muscle injury and other muscle lesions and inflammations in the muscle adhesion are increasingly encountered.  It may be necessary to examine the tactile changes in the subcutaneous fat tissue under the muscle tissue.


Examining with ultra-sound the soft tissue injuries, discrete bone surface creases, injuries, breaks and other abnormal lesions are often seen, which cannot be seen on X-rays even on the subsequent analysis. Thus, the bone surface overview is also included in the musculoskeletal ultrasound examination.

Zsófia Farbaky MD
(Head of Department of Radiology)

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Of the diagnostic imaging procedures, ultrasound is the safest test without side effects and can be repeated as many times as needed.

Abdominal and pelvic ultrasound

Ultrasound screening is recommended for pelvic and abdominal complaints. Ultrasound is a reliable and fast diagnostic method in case of cystitis, endometrial alterations or even PCO.

Articular ultrasound test

Complete imaging diagnostics of the painful, swollen, damaged joints; It contains the ultrasound examination of the soft parts around the joints (tendons, ribbons, synoviums, articular cartilage), and X-ray examination of the bone components.

Thyroid ultrasound examination

Ultrasound examination of the thyroid gland allows measuring the size of the thyroid gland and uncovering any nodules in the glandular tissue, inflammatory conditions and diseases. Complementing with the color Doppler ultrasound examination, the circulation can be checked.

Breast ultrasound examination

Breast cancer is also one of the leading causes of death among women in our country. The maternal tendency was postponed, so the number of the detection of tumors under the age of 40 was significantly increased. Unfortunately, the majority of younger women turn to a physician when they notice a palpable size and, in many cases, it is too late.

Cervical Arteries Color Doppler Ultrasound Test

The color Doppler ultrasound examination clearly shows the runway, the wall structure and the flowing of the cervical vertebrae, thus, the location, structure and size of the vascular calcifications can be investigated and the % ratio of the vasoconstriction caused by them can be determined as well.

Lower extremity venous ultrasound examination

Ultrasound examination is strongly justified in the case of sudden or long-lasting limb tension, swelling of the limbs, and permanent extremity pain.

Scrotal ultrasound test

Ultrasonic diagnostics is a great way to detect inflammation and tumors of the testicles and to determine any damage done in the arterial circulation. During the procedure, detection of the alterations of the epididymis (cyst, inflammation), and the ultrasound examination of the space of the scrotum (liquid uplift, varicocele) and its veins (varicose veins) are carried out.

Soft tissue ultrasound examination

Ultrasound examination of the soft tissue and muscle makes it possible to spot palpable nodes under the skin of the soft areas, the abnormalities of the abdominal wall, chest wall, thighs, and the soft tissue of the pelvic and the structural differences in the muscles.


I was received by kind and friendly staff and the doctor was thorough and very nice. I am fully satisfied and I am gladly going back to the test in the future.

Toók Hajnal

Dear Budai Radiológiai Centrum,

Thank you for the notification. I would like to share with you the praise I received at the Orthopedic Department of Szent János hospital yesterday.

Dr. János Takács will operate my knee and I have taken the ultrasound result made by Dr. Zsófia Farbaky. He praised the detailed diagnosis of the Doctor, saying that it was a true professional job done with perfect information on the condition of my knees. I would also like to thank you, please kindly forward the acknowledgment to the Doctor. Regards, Harsányiné Tóvári Gabriella

Tóvári Gabriella

Thank you very much for the images and the opportunity, for the kind, fast and professional service. I recommend the clinic to others. Sincerely, Mónika


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