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They wrote about us


They wrote about us

I was received by kind and friendly staff and the doctor was thorough and very nice. I am fully satisfied and I am gladly going back to the test in the future.

Toók Hajnal

Dear Budai Radiológiai Centrum,

Thank you for the notification. I would like to share with you the praise I received at the Orthopedic Department of Szent János hospital yesterday.

Dr. János Takács will operate my knee and I have taken the ultrasound result made by Dr. Zsófia Farbaky. He praised the detailed diagnosis of the Doctor, saying that it was a true professional job done with perfect information on the condition of my knees. I would also like to thank you, please kindly forward the acknowledgment to the Doctor. Regards, Harsányiné Tóvári Gabriella

Tóvári Gabriella

Thank you very much for the images and the opportunity, for the kind, fast and professional service. I recommend the clinic to others. Sincerely, Mónika


Everything was okay, good reception and care, high quality health centre.

K. Rita

Thank you very much for the quick, kind and professional service! 🙂 It is rare nowadays. I will be happy to recommend you. Regards, Telkes Dorottya

Telkes Dorottya

The examination was very friendly, kind and thorough. Accurate and comfortable environment which is very clean. I’m 100% satisfied and of course I’m happy to go back when it’s needed again. Thanks, Dauner Regina

Dauner Regina

Very nice staff, clean environment, flexibility described the conditions outside the test. The test was quick, I got exhaustive information and good advice for the further steps! I am glad that I was here! Thank you, Szász Veronika

Szász Veronika

Thank you very much for sending me the result, your institute made a very good impression on me and thank you for the test. Sincerely, Zentai Iván

Zentai Iván

Great environment, accurate, friendly staff received me, I got a fast and accurate examination. Regards, Kaposi Aletta Judit

Kaposi Aletta Judit

The examination was conducted in a very thorough and conscientious manner. They also kept the scheduled time very accurately. Unfortunately, I did not leave the test with “empty hand” but they supplied me with the information on what to do next. Many thanks, Orsolya


Thank you immensely! The rapidity of yours deserves special mentioning! Further success in your work! Regards, Hirschhorn Andrea

Hirschhorn Andrea

Thank you for your kindness and professionalism. For me it was a very positive experience getting the examination at you this morning, please, forward this feedback to the right place 🙂

More good work for You! Regards, Tóth Tímea

Tóth Tímea

I got quick and professional care, and not incidentally, they were nice, both receptionists and doctors.

Demeter Veronika

They were flexible and tolerant regarding my lack of time and received my delay with understanding which I of course indicated in time. They considered that I was pressed for time because of my work in the country and they were so kind to squeeze me into the schedule even twice for the very important examinations. All this within a highly discounted complex female ultrasound examination package. Thank you so much!

Hartmann Erzsébet

My mom and I were here for examination, we were all very happy with everything. Nice, clean and sophisticated place with kind and helpful staff. I recommend it to everyone!

Dudás Éva

The clean, cultured clinic is well-accessible. The screening was accurate, fast and professional. The Doctor was very nice and the staff is also very courteous. Thanks. (Grécs Lászlóné Ildikó)

Grécs Lászlóné Ildikó

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