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X-ray images


X-ray images

X-ray is suitable for detecting bone fractures, bone infections, osteoporosis, joint sprains, joint wears, spinal deformities and plays an important role in detecting cancerous diseases.

Chest X-ray is a basic imaging test in the diagnosis of chest (mainly lung) diseases. In case of children, it makes possible to locate objects that may have been swallowed. It also helps in some cases of abdominal complaints and dental problems.

Digital X-ray

By using the method, it is sufficient to have a much smaller dose of X-rays, thereby the patient’s exposure to radiation is significantly reduced, which is not a negligible aspect taking into account the many environmental harmful impacts that affect us all. The great advantage of the digital system is that the number of repetitions dramatically decreases thus the patients are saved from excessive radiation exposure.

Lung screening

TB (lung tuberculosis) and lung cancer are asymptomatic in the initial stage therefore it is greatly important to attend on lung screening regularly even then we are free from complaints.

Chest X-ray

The chest X-ray image is an X-ray photograph which shows the chest organs – primarily the lungs, the heart, the large blood vessels, the ribs and the diaphragm – shadows and certain aberrations.

Spine X-ray

The spine X-ray is an X-ray photograph which shows the shadow of the vertebrae forming the spine and any deflection of these bones.

Native abdominal image

The native abdominal image is an X-ray photograph which shows the abdominal organs’ – especially the stomach, intestines, liver and diaphragm – shadows and certain defects, for example, the gallstone which contains lime and therefore creates shadow.

Para nasal sinus image

On the X-ray photograph of the nasal sinuses the fluid level and the swelling of the mucous membranes in the facial cavities are clearly visible.

Pelvic X-ray

The most common and most serious complication of osteoporosis is bone fracture. This most often affects the bones of the spine, the thigh, the pelvis and the wrist. X-ray images are the main means of diagnosing the hip and femoral neck fractures.

Skull X-ray

The skull X-ray image is an X-ray photograph which shows the brain- and facial skull’s – mainly forming the facial skeleton – cavity shadows, and the deflection of these bones.

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